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Bonnies Bling - Meet the Artist
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      Bonnie Carmack
      Grants Pass, OR, USA

        Bonnie's Bling started as a result of my introduction to the art of fusing glass. Several years ago while living in Klipsan Beach, Washington, I needed a calming influence and something to do when the winter weather of the coastal Pacific Northwest turned stormy. I now get great pleasure creating jewelry in my working studio.

        I am a mother of seven and a grandmother of ten. (Ten as of today and that number may yet go higher!)

        After working for 25 years in the demanding corporate world, I find fusing glass and making jewelry a welcome change from writing deadlines, executive marketing and sales meetings and business decisions!

        The favorite task of designing glass jewelry for me is in the shaping and cutting process. As the glass heats the layers fuse together producing many interesting patterns, forms and colors. When cut into shapes the jewelry pieces take on a unique individual look. No two pieces will ever be alike.

        I hope you will enjoy my fused glass jewelry pieces as much as I take pleasure in creating them!

        Thanks for your interest!
        ~ Bonnie Carmack

Bonnies Bling Dichroic Glass Jewelry